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Index page of all the GIT repositories that are clonable form this server via HTTPS. Übersichtsseite aller GIT-Repositories, die von diesem Server aus über git clone (HTTPS) erreichbar sind.


A bunch of service scripts to convert, analyse and generate data. Ein paar Services zum Konvertieren, Analysieren und Generieren von Daten.

GNU octave web interface

A web interface for GNU Octave, which allows to run scientific calculations from netbooks, tables or smartphones. The interface provides a web form generator for Octave script parameters with pre-validation, automatic script list generation, as well presenting of output text, figures and files in a output HTML page. Ein Webinterface für GNU-Octave, mit dem wissenschaftliche Berechnungen von Netbooks, Tablets oder Smartphones aus durchgeführt werden können. Die Schnittstelle beinhaltet einen Formulargenerator für Octave-Scriptparameter, mit Einheiten und Einfabevalidierung. Textausgabe, Abbildungen und generierte Dateien werden abgefangen und in einer HTML-Seite dem Nutzer als Ergebnis zur Verfügung gestellt.

Migrate Mac OS 10.7 Lion on a OCZ Vertex SSD in a unibody MacBook Pro

To speed up my unibody MacBook Pro (6,2) I decided to replace the internal hard disk with a SSD (OCZ-Vertex 2, 240GB, SATA2/3Gbps, Rev. 1.33). After browsing loads of tutorials I found another really easy way to put Lion on the blank disk. I have no confirmation if this is really the "master way" and that complications or side effects are impossible, but it works without 3rd party software, without shell commands, but only with Apple software and the tools you use anyway.

I assume you have already have ...

Installation sequence

Conclusion and annotations

After restoring on the SSD, the system worked out of the box. All settings I checked, such as saved passwords in Safari, Bookmarks, and the like were unchanged. Mail asked to import already existing emails and did this without any side effects. However, some Adobe programs had trouble with the licensing, so I had to uninstall (inclusively removing the settings in ~/Library) and reinstall them. Word 2011 wanted the CD key again (probably because the Hardware ID changed). The processor load was quite high after the installation due to the Spotlight indexing process. The next Time Machine backup, which I did directly after the migration, had a size of 75GB.

Some SSD related settings

As they are some differences between SSDs and HDDs, here some further things you may want to do:

Summa Summarum: After determining what to do, the whole migration took effectively about 2.5 hours of my lifetime - which is less than fixing the last compilation issue with MacPorts ...