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A bunch of service scripts to convert, analyse and generate data. Ein paar Services zum Konvertieren, Analysieren und Generieren von Daten.

GNU octave web interface

A web interface for GNU Octave, which allows to run scientific calculations from netbooks, tables or smartphones. The interface provides a web form generator for Octave script parameters with pre-validation, automatic script list generation, as well presenting of output text, figures and files in a output HTML page. Ein Webinterface für GNU-Octave, mit dem wissenschaftliche Berechnungen von Netbooks, Tablets oder Smartphones aus durchgeführt werden können. Die Schnittstelle beinhaltet einen Formulargenerator für Octave-Scriptparameter, mit Einheiten und Einfabevalidierung. Textausgabe, Abbildungen und generierte Dateien werden abgefangen und in einer HTML-Seite dem Nutzer als Ergebnis zur Verfügung gestellt.

PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) Textprozessor (cli)

PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) text processor (cli)

A small CLI program that allows to replace/extract text from stdin using patterns defined by the command line to stdout. The patterns are as known from Perl/PCRE.

(This application is basically the sample application of the class published here. It links statically against libpcre/libpcrecpp and dynamically against libc/libstdc++.)

See also: perlre, pcregrep, grep, egrep, sed, awk, ex

Ein kleines CLI-Programm zum Suchen/Ersetzen von text (von stdin) mittels Suchmustern (nach stdout). Die Suchmuster sind bekannt von Perl/PCRE.

(Das Programm ist die Beispielanwendung der hier veröffentlichten Klasse. Das Programm ist statisch gegen libpcre/libpcrecpp gelinkt und hat daher außer libc und libstdc++ keine Abhänigkeiten.)

Sie auch: perlre, pcregrep, grep, egrep, sed, awk, ex

Binaries (download)

Kompilierte Programme (Download)

Help text





  pcref [-h|--help|-v] '<pattern1>' ['<pattern2>'] [...]


  Perl Compatible Regular Expression text Filter.

  The program allows performing match-extract / search-replace operations
  with pattern known from PCRE (or Perl: stdout = stdin =~ <pattern>), where
  one of [`/`, `|`, `#`] can be chosen as pattern separator.

    `pcref 'm/pattern/'` or `pcref '/pattern/'`: Prints first match to

    `pcref 's/pattern/replace/': Replaces all occurrences ot the pattern with
    the replace text (accepted subexpression references are `\1`,`\2`, etc,
    and `$1`,`$2` etc, both have the same meaning).


   Modifiers are appended to the pattern as known from Perl / PCRE
   (`pcref /pattern/modifiers` or `pcref/pattern/replace/modifiers`).

   `i`  Ignore case (as in Perl).
   `x`  Permit whitespaces and comments in the pattern (as in Perl).
   `m`  Multi line: `^` and `$` match start/end of the whole text (as in Perl).
   `s`  `.` matches newlines as well (as in Perl).
   `g`  Replace not only first match, but all matches.
   `$`  `$` matches only at the end (else normal dollar sign).
   `!`  Meaning of `*?` and `*` swapped (`*?` now consumes as much as possible).
   `*`  Disable parenthesise (subexpression) matching.
   `X`  Extra (PCRE strict escape parsing).
   `U`  Disable UTF support.

 Sequential execution:

   You can specify multiple expressions as command line arguments, they
   will be processed sequentially, and the final result will be printed
   to stdout. E.g.

     echo 'ABC DEF YES' | pcref 's/ABC[\s]?/X/' '/(\w+)\s(\w+)/$1=$2/'
                                ( --> XDEF YES)    ( --> XDEF=YES)


   - Remove tailing spaces of each line:

     pcref 's/^(.*?)[\s]+(\n|$)/$1$2/gm'

   - Extract body from HTML:

     pcref '|< [\s]* body .*? > (.*?) <[\s]* / [\s]* body |$1|smix'

   - Section of an ini-file to json object:

     pcref '/(.*)/\n$1\n/sm' \
           '/.*? \n \[SECTION_NAME\] [\s]* (.*?) \n (\[|$) /$1/smix' \
           's/^([\w]+) [\s]* = [\s]* (.*) ($|\n)/$1: "$2"/imgx' \
           's#\n#, #imgx' \
           'm|(.*)|{ $1 }|g'


   - The replace function is non-global by default. You can switch on
     to replace all matches one using the modifier `g`.

   - The match operation (optionally) takes a replace part to rearrange
     the matched string using subexpressions (`m/<pattern>/replace/mods`),
     so that the match operation is practically an extract operation.

   - Replace returns the input string if no pattern matches, extract an
     empty string if a pattern does not match.

   - The program always reads the complete text (to memory) before processing.
     Hence, large texts cause a higher memory consumption.

   - On error the program does not return any text to stdout.

   - The program understands common escape sequences in the replace text:
     \n, \r, \t, \v, \f, \a, \b.


  -h,  --help     Show this help

  -v,  --verbose  Increased verbosity (outputs to stderr)

  -vv, --debug    High verbosity (debug information if compiled with)

  <pattern>       A perl compatible regex pattern as described above.


  returns 0 on success,
          1 on error


  perlre, pcregrep, grep, egrep, sed, awk, ex

pcref v1.0, stfwi; credits to libpcre author(s).